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Where Should the Eliminated Power Batteries from EVs Go?

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Update time : 2021-10-23 11:39:16
New energy vehicles do have the advantages of environmental protection, low costs, and high intelligence, which solve the problems of fuel resources. However, they are faced with the problem of the retirement of new energy electric vehicles. Where should the eliminated batteries go?
Today, corporate recycling seems powerless. In 2020, the number of retired batteries for new energy vehicles will reach 200,000 tons. Experts estimate that 420,000 tons of power batteries are expected to need to be recycled in 2022. In 2025, retired car batteries will reach a peak of 780,000 tons.
Faced with such a large number of used batteries, companies have begun to prepare plans for recycling. On September 23, Ford announced that it would invest $50 million in an electric vehicle battery recycling company. According to Ford’s official statement, the company can recycle 95% of the precious metals in the battery.
Moreover, Ford said that it is studying a way to sell useful battery components to other companies to truly achieve a closed-loop and recycle and reuse useful resources to alleviate the shortage of resources in the electric vehicle battery industry.
Mercedes-Benz established a special joint venture company as early as 2015, and made relevant preparations for the secondary battery.
In 2018, China Tower combined with Chongqing Chang’an, BYD, Guo’xuan High-tech and other enterprises to form a battery recycling alliance, using recycled batteries for base station energy storage backup.
Nowadays, the recycling of batteries is facing three major challenges, which are difficult to dismantle, low economic value, and difficult to estimate the remaining value of batteries. The burden of recycling batteries is far greater than the benefits of a huge industry.
The original intention of the new energy automobile industry is to solve problems such as carbon emissions and use clean energy to replace fuel, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the environment. But now the recycling of waste batteries seems to have put the environmental problem back in front of people.
Until the power battery really solves the problem of recycling, the development of new energy vehicles can be regarded as not forgetting the original intention and truly achieving clean and environmental protection. Although the road to recycling is difficult and long, there is a long way to go. For a better future, we believe that the recycling of batteries will be properly resolved.
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