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Things You Need Know When Using High-precision Current Sensors

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Update time : 2021-12-14 18:01:45
HANGZHI high-precision current sensor is a current measurement and control component based on fluxgate technology, which can accurately convert the large DC current passing through the sensor into a small current that is convenient for measurement. It is a current measurement component that is two orders of magnitude higher than the limit measurement accuracy of the Hall current sensor. It is widely used in various fields of DC system, such as new energy vehicles, medical equipment, aerospace, instrumentation, rail transit, DC power supply, etc. So, what are the matters needing attention when using high-precision current sensors?
There are 7 items regarding precautions related to the use of the high-precision current sensor and the measured current shown as follows:
1. The measurement method of the sensor: Whether the measured current waveform is DC, AC, AC/DC or pulse current, etc., the output current of the sensor and the measured current have a proportional transformation relationship.
2. The measured current must be below the specified range of the selected sensor, and the maximum shall not exceed 120% of the rated range;
3. When the measured current exceeds 120% of the rated current range of the sensor, the sensor output will be automatically protected. At this time, the output current and the measured current are no longer in a proportional transformation relationship. When the measured current drops below the rated current, the sensor outputs back to normal;
4. When the measured current wire winds multiple turns on the sensor, the measured current of the sensor is the current value per turn multiplied by the number of turns;
5. Try to pass the measured current line through the center of the sensor hole
6. When the measured current is a high-voltage line above 10KV, the insulation between the current line and the aperture should be paid attention to;
7. When measuring the current of the ultra-high voltage transmission line, an isolation transformer can be used for isolation to form an equipotential body between the sensor and the power supply, and the sensor output is converted into an optical signal for transmission.
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