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Interpretation of Technical Indicators for Current Sensors

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Update time : 2021-08-12 16:57:50
Do you know the meaning of various technical index terms for current sensors? The technical indicators of HANGZHI sensors are explained in details below.
1. Rated Current: Under certain conditions, the maximum effective value of current that continues to flow through the sensor. Each model name of HANGZHI current sensor is defined by the magnitude of DC peak value.
DC Current: effective value = peak value
AC Current: effective value = peak value/1.414
2. Bandwidth: the output capability of the measured current at different frequencies on the secondary side of the sensor. The frequency of 3dB broadband refers to the frequency at which the amplitude of the output signal is attenuated to 0.707 of the input signal amplitude
3db=20log (Measured Value/Standard Value)
3. Zero Drift: the default initial value each time the sensor is powered on.
4. Temperature Drift: The amount of change caused by every degree of temperature change when the sensor is working normally.
5. Time Drift: the amount of change caused by the change in the output of the sensor with the use of time.
6. Accuracy: the maximum error when measuring the rated current.
7. Working Voltage: the voltage required when the current sensor is working.
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