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HANGZHI HCV High-Precision Voltage Sensors Launched

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Update time : 2021-11-18 09:59:03
Shenzhen Hangzhi Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. is a technology-leading enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and program customization of high-precision current sensors, high-precision voltage sensors and electrical measuring instruments. Through independent innovation in the field of power measurement, the company provides users with electrical measurement and control components-current and voltage sensors with high precision, high reliability, high stability, and cost-effectiveness.
HANGZHI keeps up with the trend of the times and always regards sustainable green development as the sacred mission of its own development. It continues to increase the research and development of high-efficiency and energy-saving products, keeps technological innovation, and guarantees a steady stream of new product launches to contribute to the sustainable development of energy.
Under the research, development and commissioning led by CEO Mr. Tian, HANGZHI HCV series high-precision voltage sensors were officially launched to meet the market requirements.
01 Product Introduction
The high-precision high-voltage sensor developed by HANGZHI is a voltage measurement and control component based on fluxgate technology. It can accurately measure DC, AC, pulse and various irregular voltages under the condition of complete isolation of the primary and secondary sides, which is a voltage sensor with extremely high measurement accuracy in the industrial field. It is mainly used in the fields of metrological verification and calibration, as well as rail transportation, power quality analysis, power analyzers, medical equipment, aerospace, naval vessels and other fields that require high sensitivity, high stability and high reliability.

02 Product Application
Public transportation methods such as high-speed trains, urban transportation systems, and freight trains provide ideal and convenient solutions to meet the growing demand for travel while helping to cope with environmental pollution and traffic congestion. To solve the problem of driving and controlling these energy systems, power electronics technology is essential. The emerging railway industry continues to put forward new requirements in technology, such as the need for energy measurement, the monitoring of rail vehicles, and the continuous improvement of infrastructure maintenance.
Typical application
The core converter of urban transportation system (metro-tram-trolleybus)
Rail locomotive monitoring
Subway station
Inverter, converter, rectifier
Auxiliary power supply equipment
Circuit breaker, transformer, DC path
Controller and safety system
Energy meter
Heavy-duty traction locomotives
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