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HANGZHI HCV and AIT-10V Series Products Got CE/ROHS Certification

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Update time : 2022-01-12 08:46:03
The high-precision voltage sensor (HCV) developed by HANGZHI is a voltage measurement and control component based on fluxgate technology. It can accurately measure DC, AC, pulse and various irregular voltages under the condition of complete isolation of the primary and secondary sides. It is one of the voltage sensors with the highest measurement accuracy in the industrial field. It is mainly used in the fields of metrology verification and metrology calibration requiring high accuracy, as well as in the fields of rail transportation, power quality analysis, power analyzer, medical treatment, aerospace, missiles, ships and other fields that require high sensitivity, high stability and high reliability.
● Feature
1. High precision: 0.1%
2. Linearity: 0.05%
3. Low temperature drift, low zero drift, high temperature resistance
4. High reliability: insulation withstand voltage up to 10KV, multiple hardware protection
● Parameter
1. Model and measuring range: ±100V/ ±200V/ ±500V/ ±1000V/ ±2000V/ ±3000V
2. Power supply: +15V or +12V
3. Working temperature: -40℃ - 85℃
Recently, both HCV series high-precision voltage sensors and AIT-10V series high-precision current sensors (voltage output type) have successfully passed CE and ROHS certification, which means that these two series of products have met European electromagnetic compatibility/environmental protection standards and directives.
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