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Celebrating 5th Anniversary

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Update time : 2022-11-22 12:14:24
On October 24, 2022, Shenzhen HANGZHI Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. celebrated its 5th birthday.
Five years ago, with the dream of "creating the era of popularization of high-precision DC current sensors", HANGZHI embarked on a journey dedicated to high-precision current sensor technology.
Looking back on the past five years, we have withstood severe challenges and tests, but also reaped great success and joy. The company's management is gradually mature, the market reputation is gradually improving, and the business output value is increasing year by year. The company continues to grow and develop.
Guided by the market, HANGZHI constantly explores and develops the business in the field of electric measurement demand, providing guarantee for the company's medium and long-term sustainable development; devotes itself to technological innovation, strengthens product development and technical strength; creates more high-quality, to ensure that customers are provided with the best quality products and services, and to help customers solve practical problems. We always adhere to the original intention of technological innovation and a professional and pragmatic attitude, focusing on the deep mining of high-precision current sensor technology.
In order to celebrate the 5th birthday of HANGZHI, and thank every HANGZHI person who has been with us all the way, the company launched the Happy Valley & Universal Family team building activities. On October 24th, HANGZHI took advantage of the autumn breeze and set sail happily! In this adventurous and exciting place, HANGZHI people forgot the exhaustion of work and the troubles of life, and spent a happy time together.
HANGZHI people sat on the roller coaster, felt the thrill of climbing, diving, flipping, weightlessness, thrill, excitement, adrenaline soaring experience, screams, joy, excitement and happiness. After the tour, they enjoyed the food. Everyone had a great time.
Wish HANGZHI a prosperous development and a bumper harvest in the next 5 years!
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