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Application of High-Precision Current Sensor in Battery Formation/Grading Equipment

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Update time : 2021-09-16 17:24:16
Because lithium battery is characterized by high storage energy density, long service life, high power endurance, low self-discharge rate, lightweight, strong adaptability to high and low temperature, not containing or producing any lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances, environmental protection and other advantages. It has become the first choice for energy storage methods. Since good manufacturing processes and technology have become the key to ensuring the performance advantages of lithium batteries, as an indispensable process in the production process of lithium batteries, formation and grading play a vital role in the performance of lithium batteries. The quality of formation directly affects the first efficiency, cycle life, thermal stability of lithium batteries and safety performance.
Generally speaking, the process of battery formation is divided into constant current charging, constant voltage charging, and constant power charging. During constant current discharge, constant power discharge, and constant resistance discharge. The battery formation process has higher error requirements for the current and voltage measurement of lithium battery charging and discharging, so a current sensor with higher precision requirements is needed to ensure that the overall accuracy of the chemical conversion equipment meets the high requirements and high standards. In addition, the formation process also has strict requirements on temperature, so the temperature drift performance of the current sensor is also very important.
IIT series current sensors by HANGZHI are based on the principle of fluxgate, which has an accuracy of 0.02%, a temperature effect of 1PPM/10 degrees, and a good temperature drift consistency. Hence IIT current sensor greatly improves the reliability and safety of the overall equipment and has been widely used in chemical conversion equipment.
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