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Leakage protection of European standard AC charging piles

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Update time : 2022-09-12 20:47:33
1. Residual current is more complicated and prevention is more urgent
The residual current monitoring and the popular application of residual current can be traced back to around 1990. The earliest type is Type AC, and now, Type B residual current monitoring has been adopted in many fields. Its relationship is shown in the following figure. Due to the complexity of electrical equipment and circuit topology, the residual current monitoring has been developed from Type AC to the current Type B. The definition of Type B residual current includes Type AC, Type A and DC residual current, so Type B residual current detection is currently a higher detection requirement. Type B refers to smooth DC and intermittent DC based on type A leakage (AC, jumping DC, half-wave AC).
2. The formation of smooth DC leakage
The existence of leakage current in the AC charging pile system includes AC, pulse DC, pure DC and some high-frequency currents. There are several reasons for the risk of exposure to electricity when an electric vehicle is being charged:
(1) The discontinuous protective ground wire.
(2) Damaged cable insulation.
(3) The electric vehicle may come into contact with the active parts of the car charger due to accidents, maintenance, etc.
(4) Moist and corrosive environment.
(5) Component damage.
3. The necessity of DC leakage protection
For DC leakage protection, to understand why it is necessary to detect smooth DC 6mA, it is necessary to start from standards and safety. The nature of leakage current protection of charging piles is introduced in the IEC61851 standard, namely "Protection against electric shock". The international safety standard does not set the smooth DC 6mA as the human body safety protection current, because such a small current will not cause harm to the human body. The reason for detecting it is that the excessive presence of the smooth DC component will cause the A-type magnetic ring to saturate in advance, which will eventually cause the A-type leakage protection to misalign the AC leakage detection.
HANGZHI RIT series residual current sensors have more accurate power measurement and more efficient structural design. They can monitor the leakage current in real time, and maximize the retention of the real state of the detected leakage. They have great operability and ensure charging safety.
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