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Medical Equipment
Medical proton/heavy ion accelerator treatment system

The heavy ion beam provided by the medical heavy ion accelerator is mainly used for heavy ion beam cancer treatment. The special mechanism of interaction between heavy ion beam and matter has a series of obvious advantages in the treatment of tumors: the precision of heavy ion beam treatment is as high as  millimeter grade; relatively concentrated dose, short irradiation treatment time, high efficacy; little damage to the surrounding healthy tissue of the tumor; heavy ion beam treatment can be real-time monitoring, easy to control the irradiation position and dose.

The above advantages make the therapeutic effect of heavy ion beam comparable to that of a scalpel, and achieve a therapeutic effect that is difficult to be achieved by ordinary ionizing radiation (here, general ionizing radiation refers to x, r, and electron beams), so the heavy ion beam is called “The ideal radiotherapy rays” of the 21st century.

The heavy ion medical machine (HIMM) power system is one of the core parts of the system. It is mainly used for power supply of various magnet excitation and non-magnetic devices of the special medical accelerator of the HIMM, provides the required excitation current and high voltage, and achieves the required magnetic and electric fields.


In order to ensure the accuracy of the output current of the power supply, the scanning power supply of the heavy ion medical machine (HIMM) adopts a hysteresis (closed) loop control strategy, which limits the tracking error to a very small error range, and therefore requires current transducers with high precision and stability to do closed-loop control.

Accelerator power supply is the only source of energy for the main magnet. The performance of its power supply system is mainly affected by feedback accuracy and stability, regulator performance, and reference stability. The feedback accuracy depends on the accuracy of the DCCT (DC current sensor). The development of heavy ion medical machine (HIMM) depends to a large extent on the development and improvement of the means of implementation and the accuracy and stability of the various subsystems.

Our multi-point zero flux new current transducers  can measure current of 50A-10000A range with high precision, small error, stable performance and wide operating temperature range. They can be used in a variety of low energy, medium energy, high energy medical accelerator power system, can be maximized to meet the needs of treatment and precision requirements and significantly improve the effect of HIMM treatment.

Magnet pulse power supply structure diagram