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Production of Electric Measuring Instrument
High-precision current transducers provide a measurement standard for the charging stand verification device
The General Office of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles". It is stated that by 2020, basic charging systems with moderately advanced, vehicle-mounted and intelligent charging systems will basically be built to meet the charging needs of 5 million electric vehicles. Under the favorable promotion of various policies, the construction of electric vehicle charging stations (piles) will usher in the peak, and large-scale infrastructure construction will effectively promote the popularization of electric vehicles. However, the product quality, interface compatibility, and other safety issues of charging facilities have an impact on the charging of electric vehicles. Therefore, acceptance testing of charging stations (pile) is very necessary.

Detection of electric vehicle chargers is an indispensable part of the charging station (pile) acceptance test. The high-precision current transducer provides a measurement reference solution for the charging pile verification device, meets a number of standard requirements, and satisfies the site acceptance of electric vehicle charging stations, charging pile product type test, charging station safety routine annual inspection, measurement calibration test and so on. Charging pile verification device main function:
· Energy metering: to detect the electrical energy metering accuracy of the charging pile;
· Energy metering: to detect whether the DC charger's output voltage, current, voltage regulation accuracy, steady current accuracy, ripple factor, etc. meet the requirements

· Charging function: to detect whether the charging of DC charger is accurate
· Charger output response test: to measure whether the DC charger current output control time and current stop control time meet the requirements;
· Safety Protection Test: to check whether the input overvoltage, input undervoltage, output overcurrent test, etc. of the DC-borne charger meet the requirements.

As one of the key indicators of the charging pile verification device, the DC current measurement accuracy is 0.05% RD. The traditional current transducer cannot meet the accuracy requirements. 

Therefore, the accuracy of the current transducers is one of the most critical factors determining the performance of the charging pile verification device.

It is particularly important to note that the following key parameters must be met when using current transducers:

· 1ppm non-linear error
· -40 – 85
°C operating temperature range
·<0.1 ppm / K temperature drift
· Very high time stability
· Up to 500A peak current
· 3dB bandwidth above 400KHz

Our AIT series high-precision current transducer  is a multi-point zero flux closed loop transducer. It can perfectly meet the above requirements of these performance indicators.