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Production of Electric Measuring Instrument
High precision current transducer provides measurement reference for high precision DC meter
The high-precision DC standard meter is suitable for use as a DC standard meter in the power sector, measurement department, quality inspection department, research institute, and industrial enterprise. And it can measure DC voltage, current, power, energy, ripple and so on.

High-precision DC standard meter main functions:
·  DC voltage, current, power, energy, ripple measurement;
·  Display voltage and current waveforms;

·   Verification of electrical energy error, electrical energy travel, daily timing error, etc.;
·  Measure voltage, current, power stability.
high-precision DC standard meter
The accuracy of the high-accuracy DC standard meter is 0.01, the maximum voltage range is 1000V, the maximum current range is 600A, and the corresponding voltage and current accuracy level is 0.005. The above accuracy depends on the accuracy of the DCCT (DC current transducer).
current transducer
Our 600A multi-point zero-magnetic flux current transducer with 2ppm accuracy, small error, stable performance, and wide operating temperature range, can be applied to a variety of high-precision DC standard meter. It can meet the requirements of high-precision DC standard meter and accuracy requirements, and it can significantly improve the measurement accuracy and long-term stability of the DC standard meter.