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Electric Vehicle
Applications of Current Transducer in EV/HEV Inverter and Analysis of Motor Drive System Power Detection

The test platform built by the high-precision current transducer AIT600-SI、mechanical energy transducer and power analyzer can accurately measure and evaluate the electric vehicle electric drive system. The high-precision current transducer transmits the battery output signal and input and output signals of the inverter to the power analyzer, then builds the power measuring unit to perform accurate power measurement analysis. At the same time, the speed and torque transducers can measure the mechanical energy of the drive motor and build a motor measurement unit. 

As shown in the figure, the battery pack of the electric vehicle provides DC power for the entire motor drive control system. The DC enters the inverter and turns into the three-phase AC power to supply the motor. The motor drives the bearing to rotate to realize the movement of the electric vehicle. The motor controller receives the motor speed and other signals and feeds back to the instrument. When a braking or accelerating behavior occurs, the controller controls the frequency of the frequency converter to rise or fall to achieve the purpose of acceleration or deceleration. No. 1 high-precision current transducer measures the battery, voltage, current and other power parameters, 2.3.4 high-precision current transducer measures the output power parameters of the inverter, the torque transducer measures the shaft power of the motor. The test system made of No. 1 and 234 is used to measure the efficiency of the inverter, 234 and the motor measurement system are used to measure the efficiency of the motor.

Batteries, motors, and electronic control are the three core components of new energy vehicles. The motor drive control system is the main executive structure of new energy vehicles. Its driving characteristics determine the main performance indicators of the car. It is an important part of electric vehicles. The motor drive system is mainly composed of a motor, a power converter, a controller, various detection sensors, and a power supply. Driven as one of the core components of new energy vehicles, its importance is self-evident. Compared to traditional industrial motors, new energy automotive drive motors have higher technical requirements.