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Metering and Calibrating
Application of current sensor in measurement and calibration of power battery test system
The power battery test system is a comprehensive test of the battery performance of the power battery (group). Through the test analysis, it provides the power battery manufacturer and user with the test results of each single battery and battery pack's parameters and performance, so that reliable data can be provided to R&D, production and usage. With the rapid development of the electric vehicle industry, higher requirements have been placed on the overall performance of the power battery, especially due to the impact of the international environment, economic exchanges between countries and increasingly fierce market competition, the power battery test becomes extremely important.
Power Battery Test System Features
1. Working mode: Support constant current charging CC, constant voltage charging CV, constant current constant voltage charging CCCV, constant power charging CP, constant current discharging CD, constant power discharging CP, constant resistance discharging CR, charge and discharge cycle, step/ramp , C-Rate any programmable control, standing test.
2. Perform a variety of performance tests on the battery pack, including dynamic response, such as simulations of various operating conditions on the vehicle. The condition process can be imported into the condition control system through the EXCEL file.
Power Battery Test System Specifications
Voltage Range:0~120V/200V
Current Range:0~100A/200A/300A
Voltage Accuracy:±(0.1%FS+0.1%RD) 
Current Accuracy:±(0.1%FS+0.1%RD)

The measurement and calibration of the above core technical parameters of the power battery test system is based on voltage and current accuracy. The original current is calibrated in the form of a shunt and multimeter, and the wiring resistance loss caused by the long lead wire of the shunt is shunted. The loss caused by the battery test system is difficult to guarantee 0.1% FS test accuracy.  Therefore, we introducedHIU-1000-B high-precision current tester,class 0.02. It can fully satisfy the test requirements for power battery test system metrology calibration.