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High precision current transducer
Portable AC and DC standard meter
Hall current sensor,fluxgate current sensor
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Fossil Fuels or Renewable Energy?
Nov . 24 . 2021
We must consider whether increased metal mining will bring environmental problems in the future, just like the environmental problems caused by the coal, oil and natural gas we use today.
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Happy Thanksgiving
Nov . 23 . 2021
During this Thanksgiving, HANGZHI would like to share our genuine appreciation with you.
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A Large Number of Super Power Projects in China Unveiled, With an Investment of Up To 75 billion
Nov . 19 . 2021
China has recently released heavy news that a large number of super projects will be unveiled one after another, with a total investment of up to 75 billion.
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Current Status and Future of Sodium Ion Batteries
Nov . 18 . 2021
Technical background and  its development of sodium ion battery are introduced here.
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HANGZHI HCV High-Precision Voltage Sensors Launched
Nov . 18 . 2021
HANGZHI provides users with electrical measurement and control components-current and voltage sensors with high precision, high reliability, high stability, and cost-effectiveness.
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