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Hall current sensor,fluxgate current sensor
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HANGZHI Mid-Year Summary Meeting
Jul . 31 . 2022
On July 23, 2022, HANGZHI ushered in the mid-year summary meeting.
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Selection Principles of Inverters in Industrial and Commercial Power Plants
Jul . 14 . 2022
The principle of inverter selection is to reduce the system cost of equipment, increase the power generation of the system, etc.
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Why does the Photovoltaic Inverter Generate Leakage Current?
Jul . 07 . 2022
HANGZHI RIT series leakage current sensor can closely monitor the leakage current in the photovoltaic system according to the requirements of photovoltaic standards.
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Employee June Birthday Party
Jun . 11 . 2022
HANGZHI members held a party to celebrate their birthdays, welcome the Dragon Boat Festival, and spent a happy and warm time together.
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AVL and HANGZHI Work Together to Promote the Development of Electric Vehicle Battery Industry
May . 16 . 2022
HANGZHI has long provided various high-precision, high-reliability current and voltage sensors for AVL and other electric vehicle battery industry-related manufacturers and service providers.
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